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Example: If you parked the domain to, then when you visit, the content of the site will be displayed in the browser, but the address bar will display the name of the domain that you parked, namely domain2. com

How can we do it? - Go to the cPanel control panel - In the "Domains" section, select "Parked domains" - In the window that appears, do the following:

1. Specify the domain you want to park.
2. Click the "Add domain" button.
3. After parking, the domain will appear in the parked list.
4. In this column you will see where the domain is parked.
5. Using the "Remove" button, you can remove the parked domain.
6. By selecting this menu, you can direct the parked domain to the page you need, for example, to , after that, when you enter the parked domain, namely, you will be redirected to the page

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